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Flyer printing Singapore has many services readily available in the country. There are many locations that provide flyer-printing services that suit all kinds of needs. Flying printing Singapore has prices that are quite reasonable and affordable.


Prices are competitive, though, but affordable as mentioned because of the material and colour that most clients will choose to print. Depending on the uses and purposes of the flyers the client wants to print, it can be cheap. Small shops prefer this rather traditional method of advertising to promote themselves. Colours do not play a huge part in flyer advertisement because companies who prefer to save money on promotional efforts usually print in black and white instead of in colours. Coloured flyers are popular with adverts that only promote within a small area and the products that are featured on it. For example, Singapore real estate agencies frequently give out coloured flyers because they need to show potential house buyers the properties they are selling. It is more eye-catching and effective than black and white flyers. Black and white flyers are used mainly by tuition agencies or information flyers that have mostly words.


Flyer printing Singapore can suit different needs according to what the client wants. Size of flyers also can vary but the most frequently used sizes are A5 and smaller as flyers are only needed to display the information to be dispensed to the public. Designing flyers should not be too difficult as the main purpose of distributing flyers is to inform. The layout should be simple enough that whoever receives it could see what the flyer is all about. So there should be a heading and some information below such that it is easily understood.


Flyers do not have long life spans as most people do not have needs or justifications to keep it unless it contains very valuable information. But that is a subjective matter that does not contribute to this at all. Anyway, flyers can be useful if the client needs to promote something quickly, and often times the duration of the promotion is very short. But flyers are interesting and easy to design. Colours do not play a very important part unless it is about the art – that the art should be the main attraction that will promote whatever it should be promoting.


Understanding the uses and the effectiveness of flyers can let clients and companies maximize this medium’s capabilities fully. However, it is not a very reliable medium to depend on if a company or small business intends to use this on a long-term basis. But if the flyers are spread out to different locations and new demographics of people receive it, the flyer could be a good promotional and advertising strategy.


Flyer printing Singapore is a simple and effective promotional method if the client has limited budget and is only offering a short duration. The quantity is up to the client to decide so cost control is manageable. There are many ways that one can make use of flyers to inform and to promote.

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